Alanya excursions and day tours prices - Turkey summer 2020
Be sure to visit the symbol of city The Alanya Castle! This is a unique 13th century protective structure! Its length is 6.5 km, which descends almost to the sea, the Red Tower is the business card of Alanya and the magnificent shipyard Tersane. You will find a lot of delight from the panoramas, which you can see from the observation decks! Natural masterpieces and man-made monuments of history and architecture amaze to the core!.
In 1872, a beautiful city in southwestern Turkey was founded - modern Alanya! The city developed rapidly and gained worldwide popularity as a resort town on the Mediterranean coast. Thousands of people visit Alanya every year for a beach holiday, and to go on fascinating excursions in Alanya. The city has a good location surrounded by mountains and sea, which will make your holiday even more comfortable. In addition, Alanya is in close proximity to many of the world's most famous unique natural masterpieces and mysterious ancient cities, where you can easily go buying excursions in our city.
Subtropical Mediterranean climate gives Alanya about 320 days of sunshine a year, and the change of seasons has no sharp variations! Spring in Alanya is short, moderately rainy, the sun begins to warm actively and the air quickly warms up. Thanks to this, the city quickly turns green and begins to smell the aromas of flowers! But summer will meet you hot days! Despite the fact that in the shade the thermometer will reach the mark of 30 degrees in the daytime, it does not stop thousands of tourists who are rushing here to rest! By mid-autumn, the heat subsides and the temperature is set at 25 degrees, and the beach season lasts until mid-November. In autumn, the weather is very comfortable for long walks and familiarity with the traditions and culture of the country. Excursions in Alanya in October are very popular, because the tourist peak slept, and the weather allows you to make magnificent walks through historical places and get acquainted with the unique monuments, at the sight of which the heart freezes
You can go for a walk in Alanya yourself, reading all about Alanya or buy a guidebook, but we recommend taking professional excursions from Alanya and get a fantastic pleasure from the trip, after years worked out a route where the guides will tell you the legends about Alanya and everything about Alanya Turkey. This will save you not only time and nerves, but even money! Going on a tour in Alanya what to see? Of course, when you arrive at the sea, you should definitely visit the famous sandy beaches of Alanya! Most of its beaches are awarded with an honorary "Blue Flag" for the cleanliness of the water and the coast! Beaches such as Ulash, Pasha and Cleopatra are of particular interest! Cleopatra Beach will please you with the purest small sand, gentle entrance to the sea and beautiful landscapes of nature. In addition, the beach has good infrastructure, a lot of children's and sports fields, and of course water entertainment!.
Traveling through Alanya self-reviews tourists will help you choose a fascinating route and get to know the best sights. For example, the most popular tourist destination is the inscription I Love Alanya, installed on the observation deck in Devlet Bahceli Park. Here are dizzying panoramas, and all of Alanya is in the palm of your hand.
Traveling through Alanya will give you a huge pleasure! If you decide to go to Alanya, you're right with your choice! A big plus for staying in Alanya weather! Due to the special location of the city, it has a unique microclimate, where there are no sharp drops in pressure and temperature, there is no cold gusty wind. That's why Alanya is great for adults and small tourists who are beginning to explore the world! Winter in Alanya is quite mild, the average temperature is 10 - 15 degrees. Even in winter, you will be able to visit interesting and informative excursions and enjoy the beauty of nature and ancient cities.
Where to start exploring this amazing city? Special attention should be paid to Alanya on the map, where you can see that the resort city has many advantages! A huge number of interesting places where you can relax and get a boost of vivacity! In addition, Alanya is a developed tourist center, where you will find a great service and a variety of services at the highest level! Moreover, there are excellent shopping centers, where you can arrange family shopping and update your wardrobe at democratic prices.
Another important part of a holiday in Alanya is hotel accommodation. Alanya hotels are some of the best in tourist reviews! You can relax in luxurious rooms, with impeccable service. And buying excursions, you will be charged with positive and bright emotions. You will find fascinating adventures in picturesque places and mysterious cities of antiquity. Alanya attractions will open up to you their stunning panoramas and breathtaking stories and legends!
Alanya old town on the map it can be easily found, it is only necessary to move towards the city center. It is here that Alanya is conventionally divided into a high rock into two parts: historical and modern. Alanya is an old town how to get to historical monuments? You won't have any problems with that! You can walk with the main flow of tourists, which follows exactly there, to the cave Damlatash - known for its wonderful microclimate and fantastic views, the seafront, the sea port with fantastically beautiful yachts, The Beach of Cleopatra and others Awesome places! Either by public transport or taxi.
Alanya's view of the sights is inspiring and energizing. There are many adjoining villages near Alanya, such as Turkey by Obakoy Alanya. Both are quite developed village with chic hotels and good infrastructure. Holiday in Obakoy sights of Alanya can be visited, walking along the beautiful embankment and meet there a dizzying sunset!
Choosing a holiday in Alanya, you get into the atmosphere of comfort and comfort! After all, the city is full of interesting places and attractions that you can visit. The city often hosts concerts and entertainment events, upcoming events of Alanya can always be found in our country or in the hotel.
There are Turkish life hacks, which are great for Alanya life hacks, following which you can save a lot of money and time. Therefore, we have prepared advice to tourists in Turkey Alanya, which is worth paying attention to: 1. The convenient currency of the calculation will be the Turkish lira or dollars. 2. Currency exchange is better to be done in special exchange offices or in post offices (yellow signs with the acronym PTT). 3. Do not change money at the airport, there the rate is always overpriced. 4. Go to the market for shopping is better in the evening hours, pay lyres and of course, bargain. 5. Street (local) agencies provide the same service and types of excursions (transfer, insurance, guides, etc.) as hotel guides, but by an order of magnitude cheaper. 6. Moving around the city is convenient on dolmushka (local minibuses), fast and inexpensive! 7. If you are travelling on your own, take care of how to get to the hotel from the airport. We recommend booking a transfer in advance. It's cheaper and safer than a taxi
If you are vacationing in Alanya with children, then for them, too, there is a huge variety of interesting and useful entertainment. Excursions in Alanya with children will bring a storm of delight and positive emotions to their day, and of course, they will be remembered for life! Tours in Alanya are very popular and varied! You can visit with children interesting museums of Alanya, water parks, dolphinariums, mysterious caves and a paradise of zndash; the valley of the River Dim Chai Alanya. This wonderful place is located 6 km from Alanya, where you can relax in the bosom of nature, fish, enjoy the views and taste the traditional Turkish cuisine in the lovely gazebos set right on the river.
How to choose interesting excursions? The best excursions in Alanya are the ones where the professionals of their field work, ready to always come to your aid and fill your vacation with bright and new impressions! After all, Alanya is rich in amazing places that are worth visiting! On the Internet there are millions of people who have already visited excursions in our city. There is no such a wonderful place to relax the soul and body of the body!
Extreme and unusual excursions in Alanya will bring you boundless pleasure and a sea of emotions! Exciting journeys such as Paragliding, Rafting, Zip Line, Canyoning, bungee jumping wait you.
As in all resort towns, in Alanya you can easily buy excursions without intermediaries. Alanya excursions in street agencies prices are affordable, and the service and variety of excursions is in no way inferior to the famous tour operators. You will enjoy the holiday, and all the organizational issues we take on.
Excursions in Alanya Turkey prices 2020 are available to everyone and you can easily pick up exactly the kind of holiday that you will have to taste! Start your holiday with an overview to get to know our beautiful city. A trip to the old city of Alanya with cozy narrow streets and many historical monuments will cheer you up
If in doubt, read the Alanya Tours reviews. On the Internet there are hundreds of reviews about great excursions, where tourists have already visited, who share their impressions and wonderful photos, warming the soul and reminding of the beautiful moments spent in your beloved Alanya!

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Interesting facts about the development of tourism in Alanya

Dear guests of our city! We want to tell you a little bit about the history of tourism development in our city. To date, everyone knows that Alanya is a sunny corner on the Mediterranean coast, but the first opened this place for a holiday resort, the Germans in the early 70s. The Germans first learned about the city from the Turks, who went to Germany to work in the late 60s of the twentieth century. Astonished by the stories of visiting Turks, the Germans showed great interest in Alanya and during the summer holidays, during their vacations, they began to come to Alanya on private transports. Of course, at that time in Alanya there was no infrastructure of tourism and resort holidays. In the beginning, they rented rooms or apartments from the local population. In those days, the difference of cultures was particularly noticeable between germans and the local population, and in particular these were clearly expressed in clothing and behavior.

The local population was outraged by the open and more liberated approach of the Germans to clothes. The land closer to the seashore was so salty that it was not suitable for agriculture and cultivation of anything. Therefore, the local population moved to the mountains, where there were more favorable conditions for agriculture and agriculture. And for visitors from Germany were built small wooden houses similar to bungalows and provided for free, only to be away from the local population.

After a while, Turks working in Germany returned to their homeland and saw such an influx of Germans, were able to foresee the potential of the boarding business. In the early 80's slowly began the emergence of apartments and guesthouses in Alanya. Tourists who visited Alanya, on their return home, began to tell their friends about this wonderful town and soon even in the newspapers began to write about Alanya. In addition to Germany, also German speakers, countries such as the Netherlands, Switzerland and Belgium, have also become more and more informed and interested in Alanya. And in the mid-80s, except for the Germans, in Alanya also began to appear tourists from other countries. Russians and CIS countries learned about Alanya and began to go on vacation here, only in the late 90's.

Start of the tour business in Alanya

alanya 1990's

The first tourists who appeared in the city wanted to see the sights of Alanya, but of course in those days the infrastructure of travel organizations and tour agencies and tour offices were not here. Tourists had difficulty in finding travel agencies and did not know where to buy excursions in Alanya. In those years there were only fishermen at sea and guests had no choice but to ask fishermen on their small boats to arrange for them to arrange boat trips in Alanya.

alanya 1970's

At first, fishermen did not take money from the Germans, and they in return treated fishermen to the famous German chocolate. After a while, it became popular among fishermen to rent yachts for a day in Alanya. The price of this trip at that time was estimated in German brands. In summer, the weather in Alanya can reach 45 degrees. Tourists were looking for a place where you could freshen up, hiding from the heat. Local taxi drivers began to organize for tourists mini tours - Review on Alanya. They took tourists to the fortress of Alanya, Dim Tea, Dim Cave and the famous beach cleopatra. In the late eighties, the Turkish Parliament signed a law establishing a ministry of tourism.

Excursions by Alanya Tours organiser

Local taxi drivers were forbidden to do tours in Alanya. After that, legal travel agencies began to appear in Alanya as Alanya tours. The founder of this company is the grandfather of taxi driver Mustafa. He created the agency in 1984, but he managed to collect all the documents for full legalization only in 1993. Who vacationed in our city knows our firm as a travel organizer in Alanya. Visiting our excursions in Alanya has become a tradition for experienced guests of our city. We offer you about 50 cheap excursions from Alanya, with a guarantee of quality and low price. We wish everyone a good rest!

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