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Fire of Anatolia

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Do you miss the feeling of celebration and fun? Then you definitely have to visit the performance of the dance collective Fire of Anatolia. The famous ensemble was noted by royal families, presidents and important individuals of different countries. The amazing dance show was performed in 85 countries of the world. They performed at the Kremlin Palace in Moscow, Madison Square Garden in New York, during Eurovision, etc. The unique team introduced almost the whole world to the culture of Turkey, its customs and rituals. Their movements, plastic bodies are imbued with history and legends of an ancient civilization. During the performance anadolu ateşi participants will get acquainted with traditional dances of sultans, folk dances, a variety of styles and the whole extravaganza will be accompanied by stunning music. For the small cost of the ticket, you will feel the incredible expression and mesmerizing oriental flavor, children under 12 years of age the price of the ticket will be half the cost. If you will be interested to learn more about this team, you can go to their official website. Any favorite tour in Alanya 2020 at a suitable price can be ordered by contacting our managers.


The grandiose show Fire of Anatolia in Alanya will consist of the following points of the program:

  • Gathering tourists near the hotels or living places, our comfortable buses with air conditioning will take you to the place of the event.
  • Arrival at the Gloria Aspendos Arena located near Aspendos amphitheater which impresses everyone with its perfectly preserved impressive appearance. This amphitheater was erected in the second century, with a diameter of 96 meters, it could hold up to 17 thousand men. Thanks to the perfect acoustics and good appearance, this place is still functioning, there are concerts, festivals and various events.
  • You will find a delicious dinner in the restaurant, with a wonderful view of the city of Aspendos, consisting of traditional Turkish cuisine.
  • Before the show starts, you can capture the sights of the city for photos or video shots.
  • While you were dining the band members, took their seats and are ready to show an enchanting show. The team of Fire in Anatolia is one of the three largest dance groups in the world, and in terms of drama and scope, it is not inferior to anyone. It consists of a group of 120 professionals, led by the group leader Mustafa Erdogan. This worldwide popular group has two world records, a lot of awards, recognition of the world and the largest number of participants in the team, which allows them to hold several performances in different parts of the world.
  • And now, the long-awaited start of the program Fire of Anatolia aspendos in Turkey. The incredible skill of dance movements, music and rhythm plexus, shows the millennial mythology and cultural heritage of Turkey. You will see a bright fusion of classical choreography, traditional dances with the interweaving of modern style. On the stage will be incredible, instantly will change the scenery, romantic solo numbers will move into temperamental mass performances.
  • Smooth movements of refined modern infused with plastic and graceful belly dance, and attracting rhythms of dance "halai" perfectly complemented by mystical movements of dervish. And how to do without, incredibly complex, somersaults of dances of the people of the Caucasus with the addition of rhythmic throughout the Black Sea region.
  • At 24:00 hours the legendary show will come to an end, leaving you a sea of bright emotions and impressions.
  • Transfer participants back to the hotel.


By booking this excursion in Alanya, we will provide you with the best seats in the auditorium of the amphitheatre. You are given the opportunity to choose performances - "Fire of Anatolia" or "Troy." The whole way tourists will be accompanied by an English-speaking guide. Full insurance, safety transfer, the best seats and memorable program is our guarantee. Quick and easy booking without PREPAYMENT


  • Gathering tourists and leaving the hotel
  • Visit the famous Gloria Aspendos Arena amphitheatre
  • Dinner in a restaurant made from traditional Turkish cuisine
  • After dinner, all participants take their seats
  • The beginning of a grand dance show
  • Completion of the program in Alanya
  • Transfer tourists back to their hotels or living residences 
Tour daysTuesday, Friday
Tour hours
Includestransfer, escort of English-speaking tour guide, insurance, dinner in the restaurant, entrance tickets.
Excludesdrinks, personal needs
Don't Forgetscamera, money for personal needs
Adults 45
Children (7 - 12) 28
Infants (0 - 6)Free
Fire of Anatolia in Alanya is a magnificent project, which created a world-famous dance group and regularly reaches universal recognition in the national culture. Joining this program, you will see the best dances which 120 dancers performed simultaneously, that is held in Gloria Aspendos Arena.
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